Who Trusts Us?

Alarcie has worked with clients from various industries to spread their words and optimize results. From small enterprises to international corporations and government departments, we work confidently with our clients to offer them the best approach for their business models.


We have proudly worked with both multinational brands and exiting start ups. We treasure and cherish each project we run.



  • Alarice International team helped us stage the Grand Opening of our Company in May 2014. The event hosted over 100 top level executives from the financial community of Hong Kong, government representatives, as well as the top management of our parent company. Within the framework of the project, Alarice’s team perfectly handled both the complexity of the preparation and the smooth flow of the event itself.

    – A. Andreev, VEB Asia –

  • Company’s success depends on creating a strong, happy and engaged team which will work as a one whole unit. Alarice International is one of those companies, where every employee enjoys what he or she is doing and endeavors to be the best. Alarice’s professionalism, hard-working spirit and great attitude will make you want to work with them again and again.

    – M. Gutsu, Galarie Les Noms –

  • Thank you Alarice International for assisting my company during the launch of the brand BSA Beer in Hong Kong. It was a success! Many thanks again for the excellent work done.

    – A. Pozzi, BSA Asia –

  • We enjoy working with Alarice because they make every project ‘their own’. They helped us immensely with our China business expansion through industry research and project management. We’ve been on retainer contract with them for over a year now and are very happy with our choice of partner.

    – D. Kolesnikov, SEMPEL –

  • We were struggling to explain our Mozambique investment project to Hong Kong and Chinese investors. We therefore tasked Alarice to create a bi-lingual investor’s presentation which provides a detailed description of the investment climate as well as the project opportunity. The result fully met our expectation as it was comprehensive in content and appealing in visualization.

    – K Tavares, GEMS –

  • Alarice has always been a reliable company to us with great professionalism. We do recommend the enthusiasm of the team and its efficiency in every project. We look forward to renewing our collaboration.

    – E. Joulia, Paris Art Ltd –

  • Alarice quickly understood our needs and ushered us to the right team members who were then able to address those needs with impressive effectiveness and efficiency. That level of customer service is quite rare in the region.


    – G. Bruneau, IPS –

  • We had a great experience with the Alarice Team. They were very considerate in listening to our needs first and then they not only did research on our company’s behalf but also discussed a lot of matters that made me realize where we needed improvement.

    – N. Abel, NSmith –



EXPO-2017 Astana


Weibo Management, Content Creation, Creative Campaigns, Partner Co-ordination


In September 2016, we started working with the government of Kazakhstan to promote EXPO-2017, the first world’s fair to take place in Central Asia, to a Chinese audience. 122 countries and more than 10 international organizations took part in the exhibition showcasing achievements in science and technology and featuring cultural performances from around the globe.

  • As Chinese travelers were the major driving force
    for EXPO-2017’s global tourism, we focused on China’s most popular social media tool, Weibo, to increase awareness, engagement and ticket sales for EXPO-2017.

    We produced and published daily content and launched a series of interactive campaigns to generate buzz and get people excited about EXPO-2017. We engaged with some of the biggest bloggers and enterprises, including Sina Weibo Videos, TouTiao News, Air Astana and others, to amplify our reach. edited again.

  • During the opening ceremony, we also went to Astana to launch a live stream featuring and interview with the expo’s Director of National Pavilions.

    Within one year, EXPO-2017’s Weibo account gained 128,000 followers and its posts were read by 5,520,000+ readers. The account’s high engagement rate successfully motivated Chinese tourists to go visit EXPO 2017. Attendance at the EXPO exceeded 2 million people and majority of them were from China.



Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Reviews, Giveaways, SaSa CRM Events


Sasa is one of Asia’s largest and best-known chains. Alarice helps Sasa enhance its brand recognition and customer loyalty in China.

We take care of Sasa’s social media needs, run creative campaigns and manage Sasa’s 1.5 million strong Weibo account.

  • We ran the Weibo account of sasa.com which has more than 1,500,000 million followers. We managed their content calendar and transformed their account into a dynamic, interactive platform with a wide variety of content types from fun and trendy to educational and emotional.

    To further interact with followers, we ran various seasonal and festive campaigns with different formats, including gamification.

  • Alarice also helped sasa.com to organize their first offline CRM event in Guangzhou. This event was to help Sasa’s employees interact with brand VIPs and help Sasa establish a closer relationship with their customers and fans. We came up with the theme, decorated the venue, arranged the program and invited the guests. Local beauty KOLs were invited to participate and to help spread the word. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees, which helped build a strong foundation for later events. The event also received a huge coverage on social media and in beauty-related media.

Star Cruises


Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Promotion, Creative Campaigns


Beatship by Zouk is an all-inclusive, party and DJ event experience on-board Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo. In January 2016, SuperStar Virgo changed its home port from Hong Kong to Nansha, so Beatship started targeting the China market. We use Weibo, WeChat, KOLs and digital PR to spread the gospel of Beatship to China’s young and fun.

  • Before the start of online promotions, Alarice prepared a message toolkit with the Beatship team in order to define the online communication strategies, decide on Beatship’s positioning in China and build a healthy base of marketing content.

    By managing their WeChat account, we helped Beatship to increase their brand exposure in the region and introduced the party cruise concept to a Chinese audience. Our WeChat content included an introduction to Beatship, party promotions, past event recaps, exciting photos of partygoers and other fun content.

  • We also cooperated with various KOLs and communities in Guangdong and Shenzhen to promote the event. Beatship partnered with popular Korean POP music group illinaire and local music communities. They spread the word to online followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.



Community Promotion


Alarice worked with Cyberport to promote one of their cross-border startup programmes – the Guangdong – Hong Kong ICT Young Entrepreneur Programme – in Nov-Dec 2015. This program targets mainly university graduates in Guangdong who are 18-30 years old. WeChat was selected as the major platform to reach out to the target audience.

We helped Cyberport to plan and create their WeChat calendar for the 2-month promotion period. We generated various WeChat articles, including comprehensive program introduction, student testimonials, successful case studies and past event recaps.

  • We also engaged with the biggest local university societies, education institutions and individual student leaders on WeChat and Weibo to amplify the content’s reach.

    As a result, Cyberport saw a 30% year on year increase in the number of applications from Guangdong. Their team loved that our promotion on social media platforms was so effective.

Laurels of the Russian Cinema


Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Promotion, Creative Campaigns


Laurels of the Russian Cinema is a special collection of Russian and Soviet films managed by the Russian State Film Fund and supported by the Timchenko Charitable Foundation. It was screened for the first time at the Third Silk Road International Film Festival.

Alarice was the agency selected to promote this program in China by:

  • Writing and distributing press releases to local and national media
  • Organizing interviews for local print media
  • Engaging with top Weibo and WeChat KOLs in the film industry
  • Preparing creative content for KOL promotion
  • Translating and adapting program materials

VEB Asia


Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Promotion, Creative Campaigns


Vnesheconombank is the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs of Russia.

Alarice helped to organize a VIP reception with Hong Kong’s financial sector elite to celebrate the launch of their subsidiary, VEB Asia, in Hong Kong. Alarice worked on:

  • Event concept and rundown
  • Target audience acquisition
  • Onsite management
  • Marketing material design and distribution

Galerie Les Noms


Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Promotion, Creative Campaigns


Galerie Les Noms is a European art gallery with a unique and broad collection of classical and contemporary art from Eastern Europe. In 2014, Galerie Les Noms held a 10 day exhibition titled ‘Ukrainian Seasons of Modern Art in Hong Kong’, which featured the unique works of leading Ukrainian artists as their entry strategy into the Hong Kong market.

Alarice organized the exhibition by providing the following services:

  • Planning and execution of the 10 day festival
  • Target audience acquisition
  • Design of visuals and marketing materials
  • Onsite event management
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Arranging interviews with local media
  • Facebook page management
  • Cross-promotion with selected membership clubs

BSA Beer


Weibo Management, Content Creation, KOL Promotion, Creative Campaigns


Brewery Saint Andrews (BSA) is an Italian craft beer brand. In 2014, their aim was to bring the new craft beer experience to Hong Kong through their subsidiary, BSA Asia.

Alarice has helped BSA Asia to launch their brand in Hong Kong. Our services included writing press releases, arranging media interviews and managing their launch reception.


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