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Alarice International is a Hong Kong based marketing agency offering creative marketing solutions for the China market. We are an international team of dedicated Chinese social media marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers, and project managers. With seven years of successful experience in this rapidly evolving field, we have established outstanding results for multinational corporations, start-ups, renowned brands, family-run businesses, and even government departments.

Our Specialties

We are experts on the behaviors of the young Chinese consumers responsible for $490 billion in sales on e-commerce in 2016. And we know how to target these active consumers on WeChat, Weibo, Miaopai, Yizhibo, and many more of their favorite digital platforms.

  • 18-35 YEARS OLD




Our Core Values

We believe that values are the core to any modern business. We took the time to formulate our values, and we are proud to see all team members dedicated to following them every single day.

  • Inspire and empower those around

  • Take what you don’t like, change it

  • Sincerely care for people

  • Be curious and passionate

  • Refuse to be average

  • Run towards your fear

  • Make time to think

  • Put family and health first

  • Do what’s right always

  • Stay humble

Our Team

As a young and creative team, we are madly in love with whay we do.

This passion and enthusiasm drive us in every project.

  • Ashley Dudarenok

    Ashley lived in China for 5 years before moving to Hong Kong in 2010. She worked as a marketing and PR manager with specialties in Chinese social media, opinion leader marketing and creative campaigns.

    Ashley often shares her knowledge and experience in articles in the SCMP, China Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, WenWeiPo, MingPao Daily and others. Moreover, Ashley is a frequent speaker at WeChat Expo, General Assembly, The APAC HR Forum,The Italian Chamber of Commerce, Paperclip Startup Campus and others.


  • Mia Zhao

    Born in Jiangsu in mainland China, Mia relocated to Hong Kong in 2010 to pursue her studies in Media and Communication. As the marketing manager at Alarice International, for 4 years Mia helped clients succeed in China with social media marketing, creative campaigns and KOL/influencer marketing. She is now excited to be able to help even more clients through ChoZan.

    Mia loves reading, cooking and travelling. She also loves visiting museums and collecting postcards in her spare time. She speaks native Mandarin as well as fluent English and Cantonese.


  • Mason Ku

    Mason was born and raised in Hong Kong. He has had his finger on the pulse of Chinese online social media for more than five years and he is constantly amazed by its uniqueness and dynamism. As a marketing manager at Alarice, Mason has hands-on experience in account management and has worked with various clients, including Cyberport, Star Cruises, Sasa, the 2017 Astana Expo and others, in realizing their online marketing plans in China. Outside of working hours, Mason likes art, music, movies, video games, Russian language learning, as well as good food and wine.


  • Susie Hu

    Susie came to Hong Kong from Shanghai for her bachelor’s degree at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She specialised in marketing and event management. She began her career at Alarice International with a focus on social media. As a marketing manager, she helps international brands do social media marketing in China, including strategy development, content creation, visual design and more.
    Susie is also a successful Weibo blogger, enjoys painting and likes making videos for Weibo. She is proficient in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English and is currently learning German.


  • Karmen Chu

    Karmen was born in Hong Kong but moved to Beijing when she was 10. After graduating from the Communication University of China, she moved back to Hong Kong and started a new life full of fresh air and amazing food. Since relocating, Karmen has been working as a marketing executive at Alarice International where, in addition to other things, she is in charge of social media management for the Astana Expo-2017 on Sina Weibo. Karmen loves travelling and her favourite destination is Japan. Karmen speaks, reads and writes Mandarin, Cantonese and English.


  • Jackie Chen

    Jackie was born in Shunde, a small but affluent town in Guangdong Province. Jackie came to Hong Kong in 2015 to study for his master’s degree in international journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. He excels at writing and multimedia editing. After graduation, he joined Alarice International.He is now a member of the young and energetic team at ChoZan that assists in content production, layout design and editing.Jackie speaks, reads, writes and translates Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French and a little Japanese. His goal is to pass the N1 exam before Tokyo 2020.


  • Joey Shen

    Joey is from Jiangsu, China and studied video production during her undergraduate career before relocating to Hong Kong in 2016. She joined Alarice International with marketing visuals and content creation.

    Being a visual arts addict, Joey loves graphic design, creative photography, museums and galleries. To her, exhibitions, museums and galleries are venues to explore the unknown for insight and to recharge her batteries. Joey is an enthusiastic fan of electronic dance music, especially trap and deep house. Her goal is to master her first shuffle dance.


  • Maureen Lea

    Maureen is from Canada but lived and worked in Korea and Ireland before arriving in Hong Kong in 1998. Here she taught children, became a rock climber and began a 16-year career in publishing. She still works with children, writes and edits but has traded in the rock climbing for slacklining. Maureen works as an editor for ChoZan.

    In her spare time, Maureen hangs out with foster dogs, dances in her living room and takes an insane number of photographs. Maureen can crack jokes in English, French and basic Korean and Cantonese.



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