Advertising Services For China

Alarice, a Hong Kong based agency specializing in the Chinese market, encourages success among brands through effective communications with Chinese consumers on popular Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo. Its skilled consultants offer and execute services to help your company increase its exposure and potential revenue in the Chinese market.


China’s mobile internet users spend an incredible amount of time on social media, especially WeChat and Weibo. These social networks specific to Chinese users are similar to Twitter and Facebook in many ways, but they also offer diverse functions that the Western counterparts lack. Let’s take a closer look at these Chinese social media as immensely powerful marketing tools.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat, also known as Weixin, is a mobile app with free instant messaging and various accompanied services. With its huge database of over 889 millions users, WeChat has steadily grown to be one of the most popular platforms in China. Unlike its Western counterparts, WeChat provides flexible and diverse options for brands to reach Chinese consumers. Marketers thus require different sets of skills to optimize their WeChat accounts to better interact with target audience.

Weibo Marketing

Sina Weibo, the micro-blogging site in China with over 536 million registered users, is an effective tool for brands to actively engage with Chinese consumers. With unique features and various functions that distinguish itself from its Western counterparts, Weibo requires marketers to master specific skills to effectively manage their accounts to communicate with target audience.

Our expert consultants provide a secure and comprehensive plan for your social media presence in China – featuring your unique brand image, business goals, and sales targets.

  • Social Media Strategy


    • • Competitor Review
      • We’ll identify and analyse any competitors, domestic and foreign, in the market and provide you with detailed feedback to enable you to see clearly what challenges are ahead and what advertising opportunities await.
    • • Brand Positioning
      • We’ll recommend the best presentation for your brand based on the market environment.
    • • Target Audience
      • We’ll identify and communicate to the key consumers for your brand.
    • • Promotion Channels
      • We’ll utilize the most effective and appropriate streams for your messages.
  • Social Media Management


    • • Official Account Set Up
      • We’ll set up any accounts needed with assistance and documentation provided by you. All accounts will use your company’s name and can be handed over at any time.
    • • Content Creation
      • We’ll create unique, compelling, creative content that gets attention and makes waves based on our experience working extensively with Chinese social media.
    • • Community Management
      • We’ll manage fan and community bases to maintain positivity, avoid crises, troubleshoot and problem solve.
    • • Creative Campaigns
      • We’ll plan and execute unique, innovative, attention-getting Chinese social media campaigns that get results.
  • KOL Promotion


    • • Research and Liaison
      • We’ll identify the Chinese KOLs best suited to your brand and budget and liaise with them to arrange cooperative partnerships.
    • • Campaign Set Up
      • We’ll plan and execute campaigns in cooperation with chosen KOLs.
    • • KPI collection
      • We’ll collect statistics on key performance indicators and send detailed reports about them to you at regular intervals.
  • Digital PR


    • • Press Releases
      • We’ll write and distribute press releases on the latest brand developments and news.
    • • Interview Opportunities
      • We’ll arrange interviews with key outlets to increase public awareness of the brand and increase brand prestige.
    • • Digital Media Distribution
      • We’ll arrange for the spread of news and information about the brand on the most effective digital outlets.

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