Mafengwo, a leading travel platform launched in 2006, offers plenty of user-generated tourism information and product reservation services, including entertainment, transportation, hotels, tourist attractions and catering, covering over 60,000 travel destinations globally for self-guided travelers. Hundreds of millions of Chinese travelers provide information to replenish and perfect the travel data on the platform. Based on accumulated content and developing AI technology over the years, Mafengwo provides individualized tourist data for global tourism product providers offering users diverse tour experiences. This unique business model, content-driven customer acquisition, can match supply with demand efficiently and bring suppliers more accurate orders, thus increasing conversion and profit rate. Moreover, Mafengwo is reconstructing the dynamic supply-demand of the tourism industrial chain. Different from traditional online travel agencies (OTA) seniors typically use, Mafengwo benefits from the core strength of ‘Content + Business + Big Data’ that helps the platform understand the preferences of the young generation and therefore makes complicated travel decisions simpler and more efficient. At present, Mafengwo helps 120 million travelers monthly and is considered as the “Travel Bible” of the young generation.


Mafengwo is a social platform, where its users follow each other and share their journeys, travel guides and recommendations. Users with similar travel interests are aggregated to build a tight social network. At present, Mafengwo has more than 130 million accounts, 100 million monthly active users and 16 million comments. Based on accumulated user-generated content, the platform has obtained a large amount of travel data over the years. By analyzing the user data like search history, sharing, and favorites, Mafengwo can estimate the destinations, travel methods and consumption habits users may be interested in, and then match the corresponding travel products, such as hotels, scenic spots, and restaurants. This travel information can be delivered to targeted users.

Mafengwo is also a travel-e-commerce platform. After information efficiently reaches users, the transaction can complete the closed-loop, repeating continuously to help users and businesses promote with more aligned brand marketing and product trading each time. The director of a travel agency which makes customized trips to Yunnan and Sanya on Mafengwo mentioned that about 40% of the company’s orders come from this platform, with a monthly turnover of about 500,000 yuan. Big data enables businesses and customers to interconnect the information.

Mafengwo develops its core competitive integrated user-generated content, tourism data and trade platform in the business model. Through the continuous accumulation and mining in tourism big data, it can integrate global OTAs, hotels, homestays, and local travel agencies to provide high-quality tourism products and travel services for hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.


Under the business model of Mafengwo, businesses can develop their own marketing campaign based on their needs. For example, marketers can implement content marketing by cooperating with KOLs who have a large number of fans on the platform. Eligible KOLs are invited to experience featured gameplay and travel routes, and then publish high-quality travel guides named ‘Master Travel Notes’ or short-videos associated with related travel products. After paid promotion, customized travel notes and guides can be entitled to privileges such as high ranking search pages and recommended downloads enabling users to obtain pragmatic information while improving brand favorability and achieving offline conversion goals.

Another direct marketing strategy is to customize Brand Day; a featured theme in Mafengwo that exposes the advertising to all users and quickly expands the brand awareness. An influential brand-and-product marketing case is Durex‘s collaboration with Mafengwo and ofo. Based on the brand’s tone of voice, Mafengwo re-designed the startup page and homepage for Durex so that the brand obtained full traffic exposure on the platform. In addition, Durex launched the exclusive travel set “Unknown Yellow Boxes” with Durex products and urban travel guides inside. It has published travel guides for five cities. These strategies increased user engagement, attracting tourists to ride ofo in different cities to look for “Unknown Yellow Boxes”. According to statistics, the total marketing exposure amounted to 100 million, the WeChat index of Mafengwo increased by 292%, while 23,800 “Unknown Yellow Boxes” were snapped up within 107 hours, bringing 6.4 million pageviews to Durex’s online store.


The individuation of travel demand has become an industry consensus, and how to deeply understand and meet the individual needs of tourists is the key issue of tourism development. In recent years, Mafengwo has carried out effective marketing exploration in the multi-layer circles based on travel interests. Based on different interest circles like diving, shopping and travel photography, precision marketing can increase brand attention and brand value in industries. Created by Mafengwo, the content communities covering different scenarios and circles will achieve the transformation of user behavior paths from ‘finding content’ to ‘browsing content’ and from ‘finding customers’ to ‘targeting customers’ with the help of big data.


As a leading travelling platform Mafengwo is certainly one of the main platforms for companies from the hospitality sector. By working with us, you can be sure that:

  • We work closely with the Mafengwo internal team and often know of new functions and updates first. 
  • Alarice will develop a practical marketing calendar and strategy for your company. Our team has been working with Mafengwo since 2018 and has accumulated experience and data from different industries that will enable us to act effectively on the platform.
  • Alarice guarantees fast, smooth communication with Mafengwo’s internal teams. We’re very aware of Mafengwo‘s features and platform campaigns. 
  • Alarice will assign a personal account manager, who can explain Mafengwo, including the platform’s users, different advertising functions and the workflow of its KOLs (called Fengshou). Our understanding and experience enables us to select the best package to achieve your brand’s advertising outcomes.

If you want to know how to get the most from your marketing campaign on Mafengwo, contact us and we’ll help you. 


How to find eligible KOLs to collaborate with on Mafengwo?

For each KOL you would like to hire, you can use a platform to predict the ROI of your campaign, by analysing the historical data. While it’s not easy, note that our in-house experts and MCN network can help you.

Can I open an official account in Mafengwo?

Sure. The official  account is specially customized for the brand users. After official certification by Mafengwo, a blue icon will be added next to the user name and the brand users can use all functions for free.

How do you decide the right marketing modes in Mafengwo?

It depends on your marketing goals, budget and business. We will communicate with you comprehensively to learn more about your needs, and then conduct the market research to craft the proper marketing strategy for you.


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