RED (Xiaohongshu) is one of the largest and fastest-growing social e-commerce platforms in China. It aims to build China's largest life-sharing community and global products discovery platform. RED has attracted global brands to build official accounts, to launch KOLs campaigns, and to do advertising.


As one of the most popular social media platforms, RED, or Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) combines community and e-commerce. As of October 2019, RED’s monthly active users exceeded 100 million. The majority of its users are 25-35 years old and have strong purchasing power.

This shopping and sharing platform is seen as a reliable word-of-mouth recommendations community. Posts on the site are called notes. Before buying products, users usually refer to notes with reviews on RED. It’s a consumer decision portal that deserves brand attention. Users can share text, images and short videos. These touch on all areas of lifestyle, such as fashion, food, travel, cosmetics and beauty, entertainment, books, fitness, and childcare products.


1. They can open online stores.

In addition to opening an account, brands can also open stores. RED users can search for the brand store using the app’s search function and can also insert a link to the store in their notes. Others can see the purchase links when they read the notes and click on them, shortening the transaction process and forming a closed purchase loop within the platform. RED’s regulations for merchants on its site are relatively strict. With help from our agency, the application process can be done more quickly and smoothly

2. They can establish official accounts.

With an official account, brands can publish notes and upload pictures. Users can gain more professional content from the brand’s account and brands can interact directly with users, which increases conversion rates. Official accounts are reviewed and verified annually. Alarice can help to proceed Xiaohongshu account set up and verification.

3. They can do content marketing.

In the “content is king” era, RED is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for content marketing. This includes influencers like key opinion leaders (KOLs) or key opinion consumers (KOCs) who are fans of the brand. Compelling, attractive postsimages and videos are as necessary as ever. Using popular keywords and tackling hot topics also helps attract attention. Experts from Alarice’s team can help.


Makeup brand Perfect Diary has been quite successful on RED. Here’s how they’ve done it.


1. They collaborated with celebrities.

Their celebrity promotions got consumer attention and made them a topic for discussion.

2. KOL posts showcasing the brand’s products were effective in increasing sales.

Of more than 480 posts by Perfect Diary’s official account, almost all the content came from beauty and makeup KOLs on REDPerfect Diary cooperated with beauty KOLs who posted content in their own style, highlighting their opinions about the products. They leveraged the visual appeal of makeup with KOL posts that featured test colors. They grabbed user attention easily. Driven by these posts, more and more regular RED users began to purchase the brand’s products and post content about them as well.

3. They shared content from brand fans and regular RED users.

Those in the Post-90s and Post-95s age groups – 20-30 year olds – are pursuing very individual lifestyles that showcase their personalities. They’re changing from conspicuous consumption to experiential consumption.


Launching successful marketing on RED is not an easy job. There are a lot of aspects that brands need to consider.


1. Clarify your content funnel.

In order to more accurately choose your content direction, analyze your content funnelpositioning and topic selectionAlign your content with your funnel and sales plans. 


2. Devise a precise push strategy.

After determining your precise goals, choose the timing, content and formats that fit it best. For example, the main selling point of a product can be used as a promotion theme on RED and multiple KOLs can participate, each bringing their own approach and perspective.  


3. Don’t blindly promote.

Be sure to understand the product’s unique selling points and post in a targeted manner optimizing keyword coverage in each post.


4. Choose appropriate promotion cycles.

Brands should publish notes on RED before major festivals and other peak periods in conjunction with online celebrities according to well planned strategies and schedules.


5. KOLs are key.

KOLs that match the brand in terms of personal image, temperament, personality, target audience and more must be used effectively, assessed and retained for further cooperation if they produce positive results and everyone gets along. 


RED requires experience to balance its various aspects and is an important platform that brands shouldn’t miss. Contact us if you need an agency that knows the platform well to help your brand stand out on RED


Choosing the right platform to communicate with your target audience is extremely important in China as it has hundreds of different platforms and apps. As one of the most popular platforms, RED is indispensable for communicating with young female consumers, about skincare, luxury, cooking, maternity items and childcare products. By working with our agency, you can be sure that:

  • We’ll give you a detailed briefing, help you to understand the inner workings of the platform and develop the best marketing strategy for your brand.
  • As a RED agency, we work closely with RED’s internal team and often know of new functions and updates first. 
  • Alarice will keep you updated on trends and consumer insights on the platform, select the best KOLs for your promotions and provide online PR services to avoid any PR crises.
  • Alarice will launch effective campaigns to drive traffic for sales teams on e-commerce platforms
  • Our agency has been working with RED since 2018 and helped many Western brands make inroads through the platform. The secret power of RED are its micro-influencers and KOCs. Our RED experts have solid experience in micro influencer marketing

Find out more about our social media marketing services.


RED (Xiaohongshu) is suitable for interaction with young consumers, mainly born after the 90s and interested in lifestyle and travel trends.  Most of the users of this platform are females.

As the major audience of this platform are females, hot categories are beauty, skincare and female fashion. Among rising categories are travel & fitness, maternity & baby-care products and food. Based on that we recommend this platform be used by consumer goods companies.

Red algorithms allow you to see everyone’s posts and show posts to users based on their interests. Additionally, most of the users create original content about their shopping experiences along with visuals and videos to support.



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