KEEP is an APP that offers online courses to help people achieve their fitness goals and exercise at anytime and anywhere. It also has social and e-commerce attributes where people can find relatable interest communities and products related to exercise and health.

Founded in 2015, KEEP achieved over 200 million users and 40 million MAU by 2019. KEEP users are mainly well-paid young people (under 30 years) and from tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Female users are slightly higher than male users. The average time and frequency users train themselves on KEEP is 30 minutes per day and 4 times per week.

The Fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China. It is expected that by 2020 the total amount of people participating in sports will reach 700 million in China; half of which are internet sports users. The total value of national sports consumption will also reach RMB1.5 trillion by then. 

The COVID-19 outbreak in China and worldwide in 2020 has increased people’s health awareness and also further improved digitalization of several industries, such as online education, online medicine, and online coaching. It’s observed that during the period of staying at home earlier this year in China that KEEP users dramatically increased.

As the No.1 APP platform in fitness and health, KEEP is suitable for sports and health related products, such as sport fashion, kitchen appliances, supplements, insurance, health food and beverages. In addition to this, KEEP positions itself as a sport oriented marketplace with science and technology interconnected with ecology, and has already done cross-boundary marketing with multi-industries such as 3C electronic products, automobiles, games and cosmetics.


Brands, including PUMA, Adidas, Lululemon, Swisse, Dior, OPPO, JEEP, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nestle, and Watson have cooperated with the platform and conducted campaigns.


In general, there are 5 ways of marketing on KEEP:


1. IP Marketing

KEEP has several festivals/events every year on their own IP. Brands can leverage huge traffic from participants by integrating into the events. For example, ‘KEEP Marathon’ is conducted once a month with different topics and awards. The estimated exposure of each is over 100 million with 30-50 thousand participants.

Another example is ‘KEEP Sports+’, with the concept of sport grounds without the limits of time and space such as when you are travelling. KEEP teams go to different destinations to shoot course videos, develop relevant topics and build an exclusive online interaction area. This is definitely a good opportunity for tourism-related industries and brands.

KEEP X Air New Zealand

2. KOL/Celebrity Promotion

With a strict selection process and cooperation rules, KOLs/celebrities on KEEP are relatively high-quality. There are 3 types:

  1. Celebrities (actors, singers, etc.)
  2. Athletes
  3. KOLs (usually also verified personal trainers, nutritionists, etc.).

Cooperation with athletes and personal trainers can definitely enhance the credibility of products, especially sports and health related industries.

Alarice can help your brand with campaign development, KOL/celebrity selection, content creation and format reviews. We have cooperated with several brands on KEEP and are confident in applying the right categories and cooperating well with both KEEP and KOLs to get the best content.


3. Cooperation with Training Courses

Training courses are one of the core functions on KEEP which provides most of the stable traffic. Several ads placements are offered to brands in the format of text, image, audio, and video; to get exposure and attract audiences when they’re doing sports. Brands can even cooperate with KEEP trainers to design popular special courses for its campaign to maximize effectiveness.

Alarice can help you to choose the right ad format and position, as well as create the most suitable promotional content. For example, when users are running and listening to KEEP music, a brief 10-20 second interesting audio advertising is not so intrusive but is able to maintain the audiences full attention.

Yoyoung cooperated with KEEP to design a course for Vest Line training

4. Social Content Marketing

Social community is another key attribute of KEEP. Social campaigns on other platforms, such as UGC campaign, challenge/hashtag campaign, H5 campaign, and test-evaluation articles, are also popular on KEEP. Also, some brands set-up brand accounts and do well in community operation and management.

Want to know whether your brand is suitable to have an account on KEEP for long-term operation? or what kind of content and position should your brand account be? Contact us for suggestions.

Lululemon’s brand account on KEEP (followers: 850,000)

5. Offline Events & Co-branding

Offline events are one of the important operations KEEP focuses on. Pop-up stores, offline courses, exclusive campaigns, and various competitions are all good opportunities to drive traffic to target platforms and directly engage with users.

As KEEP also has its own brand of apparel, sport equipment and health-related foods, co-branding with its own products is also good for increasing awareness as well as sales.


Vitamix X KEEP

In order to boost brand awareness among fitness and health-pursued people, we helped Vitamix to cooperate with KEEP to launch a H5 campaign as well as KOL promotion. We helped the brand to develop the campaign, design the H5, select KOLs and review their content. This campaign lasted 6 days and got over 14 million impressions in total. There were around 70 thousand users engaged with 30% of them driven to the e-commerce platforms.

Swisse X KEEP

Swisse cooperated with KEEP to launch a sport-related pop-up store at KEEP offline stores to deliver and strengthen the image of the brand, as well as achieve conversion. Within 3 days, around 700 users attended the party with PR articles spread on over 20 media sites.


With the rising awareness of health and nutrition, more and more brands are paying attention to KEEP. Over 200 million users come to the platform to get information about fitness and how to stay healthy. By working with us, you can be sure that:

  • Alarice will choose the best marketing method for you based on your campaign goals. We know how to achieve the best brand awareness and attract the highest traffic and sales relative to your budget. We can even create exclusive cooperation formats with the platform. 
  • We work closely with the KEEP internal team and often know of new functions, updates first. 
  • We’ll guide you on the platform rules, tips and tricks. Even if it’s a short term campaign on KEEP, we can help you tailor content for the platform. 
  • Alarice will assign a personal manager to keep you up to date on the latest trends on the platform. 

Contact us to find out more about how you can make your business stand out on KEEP. 


Can non-sport brands participate in KEEP marketing?

Yes, we can make use of cross-border marketing to connect users and brands. The innovation of cooperation mode can attract the attention of the right target audiences.

How do you decide the right marketing modes in KEEP?

It depends on your marketing goals, budget and business. We will communicate with you comprehensively to learn more about your needs, and then conduct the market research to craft a distinctive marketing strategy for you.

How to measure the performance of marketing in KEEP?

We can utilize KEEP’s intelligent data marketing system named wuqiong “无穹” to analyze the big data and user portraits, and use this AI technology to assess marketing effects.


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