WeChat was launched in 2011 as a free instant messaging app from Tencent, but steadily grew and continuously added functions that were far beyond the usual scope of simple text and call apps. As the most used app and the most popular social communication platform in China, WeChat has penetrated people’s daily life. By the end of 2019, there were 1.151 billion monthly active users. This was up 6% from the year before.

The key features of WeChat include instant messaging, Moments pages for daily updates, different types of accounts, WeChat Pay and mini programs. Mini programs are a turning point for the platform and the whole industry. The big advantage is that they can be used without installing them separately on the phone. In 2019, there were 3 million mini programs with 330 million daily active users. The total GMV derived through mini programs was 1.2 trillion RMB.

WeChat is literally everywhere. In any restaurant, shopping mall or even at a market stall, you can tap on WeChat Pay, scan a QR code and that’s it, you’ve paid. With this fast access and its many functions, WeChat has also become an important touchpoint for collecting information.


In WeChat, users can send text messages, voice messages, pictures or videos to their contacts and chat groups. For brands, media and individuals, they can establish official accounts that are available for users to subscribe to. They publish articles and that cover news, stories, product reviews and more. For overseas enterprises, companies can apply for a service account that enables four push notifications in a month. We help brands set up these accounts and devise WeChat marketing plans. We can help you understand WeChat quickly, train your team, execute marketing strategies and give regular KPI reports. Click here for more information on our WeChat account set up services.

Brands can expand their follower base, build a user database and maximize their account exposure. This can be done through the strategic use of: compelling visuals, emotionally appealing content, calls to action, interaction with the audience in the comments, launching creative campaigns, cross-promoting with other accounts, running KOL campaigns and investing in WeChat advertising.

In terms of content marketing, it’s important for brands to create content that resonates with the interests of their target audience. An official WeChat account allows brands to compose long articles with text and design elements in the format of blog posts, infographics or posters. Brands have the ability to tell brand stories, feature products and services, educate users with tips and guides, and take part in the discussion of hot topics. Good content serves as a key foundation for brands to interact with users and build up a follower base. On top of that, brands may drive social commerce by leading traffic from the official account to the brands’ e-commerce sites.

Furthermore, unique functions may be set up to be linked to the menu tabs of their official accounts. For instance, brands may install CRM related functions, such as a booking system or a member center for their existing users or potential customers, and link them to the menu tabs. WeChat also allows brands to set up attractive and interactive H5 pages to promote specific campaigns. Mini programs, which are little downloadable apps that run inside the WeChat ecosystem, are great options to develop for extra functionality to the brands’ users.

For more information, about our services, check out our social media marketing page.


The two biggest advertising options on WeChat are moments ads and account ads. Both options have various display formats and it’s easy to get lost. Knowing how to create good advertising is the foundation for an effective overall WeChat strategy. Our team can help you figure it out and use the most effective advertising strategies for your target audience.

Find out more on about our digital advertising services here.


One of the most effective and fastest ways to increase user engagement is to launch a creative campaign. Users are constantly searching for emotionally appealing, useful content. Brands can provide useful content such as tool kits, learning materials, white papers, reports and more. What’s important is to provide this content only to followers of your account. In some cases, readers can receive materials only if they share an article on their Moments page or share certain content with their friends. Another way to encourage followers to mention your brand is to use Q&A campaigns or lucky draw campaigns. Check out our social media marketing services here or contact us for more detailed information.


WeChat mini programs were officially launched by Tencent in early 2017. This was a turning point for the platform and the whole industry. Some think that in the future WeChat may even rival iOS and Android to be another mobile operating system. The big advantage of WeChat mini programs are that they can be used without installing them separately on your phone.


We work on strategy development and the operation of official brand accounts. This includes KOL cooperations and creative campaigns to increase brand awareness and change consumer preferences.

We worked with a top American whiskey brand on their WeChat presence and marketing. As a relatively new brand to Chinese consumers, we help the brand find and reach their target audience, improve their brand awareness and launch campaigns to create buzz. The number of followers of their official WeChat account increased by 1.5% per month to over 120,000 followers. Localization of content has worked to the brand’s advantage with posts related to traditional Chinese holidays getting 30% more attention than some regular posts. Using timely topics in sensitive ways has also worked well. A post during Covid-19 travel restrictions that encouraged users to pause and think about who they would like to get a drink with when restrictions eased saw a 32% increase in engagement compared to the post that preceded it. Each push article gets an average of 2,000 page views, an increase of 14% from the past. In terms of sales, during the Double 11 shopping festival, it rose to the Number 4 position on JD.com for total turnover volume in the foreign alcohol category. Brand education and storytelling content drove these sales outcomes. 

In another case, we helped a high-performance blending equipment brand from the United States to do Moments advertising on WeChat. We made it clear that the brand is not just an equipment producer, but also a healthy lifestyle advocate. This clear positioning made its advertising more effective. The numbers showed that the brand successfully targeted audiences in big cities who are sports lovers and healthy foodies. Total impressions for the campaign reached 1,377,249, total clicks reached 2,338 and the number of people who saw posts shared by others reached 549. These results boosted brand awareness significantly in the short term.


It’s never easy to enter a new market, especially when it requires understanding the sentiment of a new group of consumers and their communication channels. By working with us, you can be sure that:

  • Our team will help you not only with WeChat account set up and management but with the most important step of all – developing a marketing strategy. We can help you use WeChat to build highly effective communication with current and potential consumers and, with 9 years of experience, we know the best tactics, tools and design solutions for clients from a variety of industries.
  • We’ll help to verify and customize your official accounts, write articles, set up your menu bar and create a visual feel for the account
  • We have a team of dedicated writers and creatives who will make sure your content pops and delivers results. 
  • We work closely with the WeChat internal team and often know of new functions and updates first
  • We have experienced campaign managers who use the latest campaign formats, know which influencers are most suitable for your brand and know which ad tools are needed to achieve your goals.
  • We’re also experienced at building and managing WeChat private pools, integrating CRM systems and managing WeChat mini programs
  • When you work with us, we will continue educating you. You’ll not only understand Chinese consumers better, you’ll also learn key functions of WeChat, see how these fit into your marketing strategy and see first-hand how good strategy drives profits. 
  • We’ll assign you an experienced account manager, who will be in touch with you to ensure that we reach our goal together. Transparency and efficiency. Your success is our success. 

As each project is unique, we also organize consultations on how to improve your WeChat marketing performance by auditing your current activity and giving expert advice. Contact us and we’ll help you turn your business goals into real outcomes


How much content will you put out each month?

Depending on your needs, the type of account and the scope of work, we’ll publish between 4 and 30 articles each month. Posts will be relevant, educational and engaging with links to China’s hottest topics of the moment. There will also be mini campaigns to make sure that we engage with followers.

Can I manage the account by myself while consulting with you?

Yes, we’re happy to support you and your in-house team perform at your best. We can organize a consultation to review your current challenges and give our recommendations in terms of the content on your social media accounts.

What documents do I need to register for an official WeChat account?

If you don’t have a Chinese business registration number, you have to provide a scanned copy of your business registration forms with your company chop, your bank account information, the account administrator’s details and phone bills and the company’s details. 

If you do have it, provide your Chinese business registration, the account administrator’s details and phone bills and the company’s address.

We can also do account migration, account mergers, integration and more.


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