WeChat was launched in 2011 as an instant messaging app for mobile phones but went on to add functions that were far beyond the usual scope of simple text and call apps. This made it one of the most popular apps in China. The key features of WeChat include instant messaging, Moments pages for daily updates, different types of accounts, WeChat Pay and mini programs, which are apps within the app. By the end of 2018, there were 1 billion active users and now WeChat is literally everywhere. In any coffee shop or supermarket, you can tap on WeChat Pay, scan a QR code and that’s it, you’ve paid. With this fast access everywhere, WeChat has become an important touchpoint for collecting information. Brands, with the help of key WeChat features, can significantly expand their market reach, establish strong connections with their potential customers, launch effective marketing campaigns and increase sales.


Expanding your follower base helps to maximize account exposure. There are different tactics that can be used and the choice mainly depends on the brand’s current level of recognition in China. Users can find your account by searching using relevant keywords, scanning QR codes or by clicking links to your brand’s account at the end of push articles that have been posted by influencers (KOLs – key opinion leaders). There are 10 effective tactics that brands can use to boost follower growth: use a current database, display QR codes, use offline promotions and events, use compelling visuals, share emotionally appealing content, use calls to action and interact with the audience in the comments, launch different creative campaigns, cross-promote with other accounts, run KOL campaign and invest in WeChat advertising. After this module you’ll know how to get the most from each of these tactics.


One of the most effective and fastest ways to increase user engagement is to launch a creative campaign. Users are constantly searching for emotionally appealing, useful content. Brands can provide useful content such as tool kits, learning materials, white papers, reports and more. What’s important is to provide this content only to followers of your account. In some cases, readers can receive materials only if they share an article on their Moments page or share certain content with their friends. Another way to encourage followers to mention your brand is to use Q&A campaigns or lucky draw campaigns.


There are two major advertising options: moments ads and accounts ads. Both advertising options have various display formats and it’s easy to get lost. In addition to that, WeChat users are used to meaningful content so they expect that ads will also be high quality. Knowing how to create good advertising is the foundation for an effective overall WeChat strategy.


WeChat mini programs were officially launched by Tencent in early 2017. This was a turning point for the platform and the whole industry. Some think that in the future WeChat may even rival iOS and Android to be another mobile operating system. The big advantage of WeChat mini programs are that they can be used without installing them separately on your phone.


How much content will you put out each month?

Depending on your needs, the type of account and the scope of work, we’ll publish between 4 and 30 articles each month. Posts will be relevant, educational and engaging with links to China’s hottest topics of the moment. There will also be mini campaigns to make sure that we engage with followers.

Can I manage the account by myself while consulting with you?

Yes, we’re happy to support you and your in-house team perform at your best. We can organize a consultation to review your current challenges and give our recommendations in terms of the content on your social media accounts.

What documents do I need to register for an official WeChat account?

If you don’t have a Chinese business registration number, you have to provide a scanned copy of your business registration forms with your company chop, your bank account information, the account administrator’s details and phone bills and the company’s details. 

If you do have it, provide your Chinese business registration, the account administrator’s details and phone bills and the company’s address.

We can also do account migration, account mergers, integration and more.


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