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IP is a great business value that can help your brand become more cohesive and effective when it comes to marketing. IP in Chinese industries is a serious thing, and IP marketing has created a buzz around brands for years now. Basically, IP is anything as long as it is a product of the mind, such as...
China Chic-Guochao (otherwise known as the “national trend” or “national wave”)  refers to the increase of consumer patronage for Chinese elements in their goods. In 2022, the Guochao trend has pervaded the Chinese consumer industry scene, and it is not leaving any time soon.  It was fi...
Having a Chinese brand name for your brand can help you navigate one of the world's largest and most lucrative markets. It is the golden key to the success of any brand looking to market effectively to China.  Your Chinese name is an important part of your brand’s identity and should also...
NFTs are any digital item (like images, audio files, videos, etc.) that are unique and can’t ever be replaced with something else. Blockchain technology, which is used by cryptocurrencies, keeps track of who’s holding and trading NFTs.  In China, NFTs go by another name: digital collecti...
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