5 Tips for the Skincare Industry to Seize the Male Beauty Economy

The skincare industry, which has long been dominated by women, is currently undergoing a rapid transformation. As an increasing number of men express interest in skincare, the industry has the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging market.

The male grooming industry is experiencing a significant transformation, with the global male grooming market projected to reach $78.6 billion by 2023. As this market expands rapidly, skincare companies are eager to tap into the male face economy and unlock its full potential. One highly effective approach involves partnering with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who hold considerable influence and have substantial followings within the male grooming community. By leveraging KOLs, businesses can amplify their brand message, reach new audiences, and establish credibility.

In this article, we will uncover five strategies for the skincare industry to seize the male face economy through KOL promotion and capitalize on this promising new opportunity.


The 5 Tips for the Male Skincare Industry

The skincare industry is in a constant state of evolution, and companies aiming to stay ahead must be prepared to adapt to shifting trends. One of the most compelling emerging trends is the swift expansion of the male grooming market. Early establishment in this market can yield significant long-term benefits for businesses.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are gaining prominence in the skincare industry due to their ability to shape consumer perceptions and influence purchasing choices. By collaborating with the right KOLs, companies can access the male-face economy and connect with a wide audience of male consumers. To seize this opportunity and position your brand as a leader in the male grooming market, continue reading to uncover five secrets to success.


1. Partner with male influencers

When promoting skincare products to men, it’s essential to work with male influencers who understand the unique needs and preferences of male consumers. Brands should seek out influencers who have a strong following among men and who can speak authentically about the benefits of skincare. 

House 99 was developed in collaboration with David Beckham, who is a well-known male celebrity and KOL in the fashion and grooming space. As a part of this collaboration, David Beckham has endorsed and promoted the brand’s products on his social media channels and has also been involved in developing and launching new products for the brand. House 99’s focus on male grooming and skincare has helped to tap into the growing market for male beauty and skincare products in China and around the world.

Male skincare brands can learn from House 99’s work with David Beckham by leveraging the power of celebrity and influencer endorsements, and by focusing on male grooming and skincare as a growing market segment. By partnering with a well-known male KOL like David Beckham, House 99 was able to tap into a wider audience and generate more interest for their brand. This kind of collaboration can also help to create more personalized, niche products that cater specifically to men’s grooming needs and interests. 


2. Highlight the benefits of skincare

Many men are new to the skincare world and may be unsure of its benefits. Brands should work with KOLs to highlight the benefits of skincare and the positive impact it can have on their appearance and confidence. For example, a KOL might create content around how using a particular skincare product has helped improve their skin texture, leading to a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Mentholatum has collaborated with the Chinese male top KOL Eddie Peng to promote its men’s skincare products and educate Chinese consumers about the importance of skincare. This collaboration included a series of social media posts and videos in which Eddie Peng demonstrated how to use Mentholatum’s products and shared tips on skincare routines for men. By partnering with a well-known male KOL in China, Mentholatum was able to reach a wider audience and build credibility among male consumers in the Chinese market. This kind of collaboration can help brands to tap into the growing demand for male grooming and skincare products in China, and to showcase the benefits of using high-quality skincare products to Chinese consumers.

Source: Mentholatum’s official Xiaohongshu account

Brands can learn from Mentholatum‘s success by following these strategies: carefully selecting KOLs whose values align with the brand’s messaging, leveraging their influence and reach to amplify the brand’s message, creating valuable content with KOL partners to highlight the brand’s products, and establishing credibility, trust, and loyalty among the target audience. By implementing these strategies, brands can enhance their marketing and outreach efforts and promote the benefits of their skincare products.


3. Create engaging content

To capture the attention of male audiences, brands, and KOLs need to create engaging and entertaining content. This can include videos, posts, and other types of content that showcase the brand’s products in a fun and engaging way. For example, a KOL might create a humorous video showing how to use a particular skincare product, or a before-and-after photo series highlighting the benefits of a particular skincare routine.

La Mer collaborated with a popular Douyin influencer Monadashu, to create a video featuring three generations of a family using La Mer products together. The video’s witty and humorous content caught the attention of users while conveying the message that La Mer products can be used by individuals of any age, promoting a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. This collaboration helped to increase brand awareness and improve user sentiment towards the La Mer brand.

Brands can learn from working with KOLs to create engaging content by identifying KOLs whose values and interests align with their brand and target audience, collaborating with KOLs to create personalized and informative content, sharing the KOL’s content on social media platforms to increase brand awareness, leveraging the KOL’s expertise to create more tailored marketing campaigns, and repurposing the KOL’s content across multiple platforms. This will allow brands to tap into KOL’s fan base, build more authentic connections with their target audience, and ultimately drive business results.


4. Emphasize simplicity and convenience

When promoting skincare products to men, it’s important to emphasize simplicity and convenience. Men want products that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into their daily routines. Brands and KOLs should focus on highlighting how their products make it easy to achieve great skin without a lot of fuss. For example, a KOL might create content showing how they use a particular moisturizer as part of their daily routine.

GoFun and Douyin KOL Huangshaolun teamed up to release the content of men’s minimal skin care, which briefly introduced the steps of men’s skincare and demonstrated the skin care process, making men understand that skin care is actually very easy, without consuming a lot of energy, enhancing men’s acceptance of skin care and also enhancing the loyalty of male users to the GoFun brand.

Skincare brands can learn from collaborating with bloggers to introduce experiential skin care practices including understanding the needs and preferences of male consumers, identifying effective and easy-to-use skin care products and techniques, building trust and credibility with male consumers through authentic and engaging content, and leveraging social media and other digital platforms to reach and engage with male consumers in innovative ways. Collaborating with bloggers can also help men’s skincare brands to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry and to adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences and demands.


5. Offer discounts and promotions 

By offering discounts and promotions, skincare brands can incentivize male consumers to try out new products and engage with the brand. Additionally, brands can leverage KOLs by asking them to offer exclusive discount codes for their followers, which can help to attract more customers and build brand loyalty.

Biotherm Homme collaborates with Little Red Book KOLs to release video content before the 618 e-commerce festival, introducing how to use and the efficacy of its products, and at the end of the video, introduces 618 brand discounts and give-away products to convert potential customers into consumers.

Source: Biotherm Homme’s official Xiaohongshu account

Brands can offer discounts and promotions to incentivize male consumers by creating a male-specific skincare line that addresses common skin problems faced by men, offering exclusive discount codes through KOL collaborations, providing educational content that highlights the benefits of their products, and using visually appealing and informative content on social media platforms such as RED, Weibo, or Douyin. Building a long-term and authentic relationship with male KOLs and engaging in regular communication can also help to attract more male customers and build brand recognition.


The male grooming market is growing at an unprecedented rate, creating endless opportunities for the skincare industry. It’s time to seize the moment and develop innovative strategies to meet customers’ needs. Invest in KOL promotions and take part in the male grooming trends that are shaping the beauty industry’s future. With the right strategies, the skincare industry can successfully tap into the male face economy and reach new heights of profitability and brand success.

By partnering with KOLs with significant followings and influence within the male grooming community, brands can leverage their credibility and authority to increase brand awareness and drive sales. The key is identifying the right KOLs aligning with the brand’s values and target audience. By combining these proven strategies, the skincare industry can successfully tap into the male face economy and achieve long-term success in this rapidly growing market. The future of male grooming looks bright, and those who adapt quickly to these changing trends stand to benefit the most.

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