China Marketing & Consumer Insights Mega Report: Q3 2021

A lot has changed since the last quarter of 2021, with new regulations, rules, and consumer demands gradually re-shaping China’s digital space in Q3 of 2021. According to the World Bank, China’s GDP growth is expected to hit 8.5 per cent in 2021. This shows that the growth outlook in China for the rest of the year remains positive. 

Following the popularity of ChoZan’s series of mega reports, their 690+ page report on China E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Q3 2021 is finally unveiled! Created by Ashley Galina Dudarenok and her ChoZan marketing team with input from more than 50 China experts, this report is made to provide marketers and China watchers with the newest insights on China’s digital space.

Insights on Major and Emerging Consumer Groups

Consumer Insights from China Marketing Mega Report for Q3 2921
Image via ChoZan ©

China has many distinctive groups of consumers with some analysts even claiming that Chinese consumers are one of the most sophisticated and demanding in the world. This report makes sure to develop detailed profiles of nine major key consumer groups, which are:

The report also has information on five emerging consumer groups that are gaining more power in the second half of 2021. The five emerging consumer groups are Night Owls, Medical Beauty Devotees, Health-Fitness Fans, Gen-Z Mothers, and Delicate Men.

Major Consumption Economies Analysis

Consumption Economies are made when a trend starts getting very profitable and have more consumers, e-commerce giants, government regulators, and infrastructure construction come into play. 

This report focuses on fifteen economies including, The Night Economy, The Fan Economy, The ACG Economy, The IP and Blind Box Economy, The Guochao Economy, etc.

Major Online Shopping Festivals

Data on major online shopping festivals in China from ChoZan's China Marketing mega report Q3 2021
Image via ChoZan ©

China Internet Watch has estimated that at the end of the first half of 2020, E-Commerce reached 25% of all retail consumer sales. If brands want to succeed in this particular market, you need to know what the major online shopping festivals in China are.

In this report, ChoZan has provided comprehensive summaries of four important e-commerce festivals. These four festivals include 618, Double 11, Chinese New Year, and the newest shopping festival from Shanghai that features both online and offline events and activities supported by big e-commerce platforms, Double 5.

Development of Major E-Commerce Platforms

ChoZan's China Marketing mega report Q3 2021 - Overview of major e-commerce platforms in China
Image via ChoZan ©

China’s e-commerce market is projected to reach USD 1,260,359 in revenue during 2021, this would put them way over other major players such as the US and Japan. And while the rate of online consumption in China is growing rapidly, Chinese consumers require trustworthy and accessible shopping platforms. There are marketplaces that can provide verified brand stores and give potential consumers a one-stop shop. It is essential for brands to be involved in such marketplaces to gain exposure and show legitimacy.

In this quarter, live streaming has continued to support the growth of e-commerce in China. The conversion rate of live streams to sales have been increasing yearly, showing the success of this model.

This report will give you more details about the information above and also show you more insights into four important e-commerce platforms, Alibaba, JD, Pinduoduo, and Kuaishou.

Updates on China’s Social Media Platforms

The report will also show you the up-to-date features of different social media platforms. There will be an overview and detailed information about the variety of platforms and the development of mini-programs from platforms like WeChat, AliPay, and Baidu.

The guide has digests on user traffic value, user demographics, content best practices, marketing methods, regulations, and other notable data for platforms such as Taobao/TMall, Weibo, Douyin, RED, Bilibili, Kuaishou, Zhihu, etc.

There will be weigh-ins on the above topics from China marketing experts sprinkled in between for your easy viewing.

China’s Digital Economy

Image via ChoZan ©

China’s economy has been rapidly recovering since the first quarter of 2021, with China’s GDP expected to grow 8% in the same year. And since the urbanisation rate in China has been increasing steadily in the past few decades, there are progressively more online consumers in China. You’ll not only find overviews on the different factors of China’s economy, but you’ll also see synopses on China’s digital space.

Key China Trends in Q3 2021

There seem to be new trends, memes, and fads that pop up every month when marketing in China. ChoZan understands how important it is for businesses to understand these trends and so they’ve adapted the information about key China trends into easy-to-digest bites in the report. The five key China trends are New Regulations on Data Privacy, Carbon Neutrality, Three-Child Policy, Olympic Games, and ‘Country’s Wealthiness.’ 

A Marketing Calendar for Q3 2021

Image via ChoZan ©

To have your brand market well in China, ChoZan recognises how important it is to have a China marketing calendar in place. Outlining your monthly marketing activities will ensure your brand stable promotions, allowing you to attract and maintain existing consumers.

In the report’s China Marketing Calendar, ChoZan has highlighted important events that can be used for promotions such as Father’s Day and Teacher’s Day, and holidays such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the CCP Anniversary.

KOL Insights

Image via ChoZan ©

It is no doubt that as years go by, the influence over consumers’ consumption that KOLs in China have is just getting stronger. KOLs are now in the top category of advertising spending, making the KOL market size grow significantly.

A lot of brands invest significantly in KOL marketing to advertise their products on live streams. KOLs also operate on more than one platform, giving them more exposure to potential consumers. ChoZan have further made a rundown on the top 10 Chinese KOLs in July 2021, adding in what platforms they’re based on, the sales they’ve accumulated, and other important information.

As mentioned, in addition to the insights of Ashley and her ChoZan team, they’ve also interviewed more than 50 experts that consist of television commentators, a team of China’s tech giants, China agency owners, university professors, and well-known book authors. They’ve done this to ensure that the report is comprehensive and can truly reflect China watcher’s collective wisdom. Download the informative mega guide and if you have any China-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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